INSIDE THE POWER OF HORSE, microbiology, ink and phosphorus on paper, 15,80 x 27 cm - 2016


28 February-30 March 2017
PIO MONTI Arte Contemporanea
Piazza Mattei 18, Rome, Italy

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Piomonti Contemporary Art Gallery is pleased to present "Animalia", a collective exhibition on animality that takes shape from the gaze of artists and animals, united by a vision of the original and often decentralized world. Both examples of otherness, they suggest different ways of repossessing ourselves and things, with a different perception which often turns into a mysterious challenge that attracts and torments us.
Why look at animals? asks John Berger in a text from the Eighties, only recently translated and published in Italy. Why do we look at animals? It is a question that responds to many needs, a return to nature, regaining the sense of common belonging, mending the thread that we have broken in time, by taming animals, locking them in reserves or, closer to our cities, in alienating zoos. Men look for animals' eyes and often get lost in "abysses of non-comprehension".
Recently other researchers such as Leonardo Caffo have reflected on animality, they tried to rethink and rewrite an alphabet of known concepts, that assume a different meaning if we abandon our "upright position" and try to follow other planes of reality crawling, flying or swimming. This way you can try to rediscover the world reminding to be one of the many "forms of life" that inhabit it.
In "Animala" we can meet from the marble turtles of the fountain placed in front of the gallery to the real ones photographed on the cover of the catalogue of the exhibition that opens with an invitation, a work by Gino De Dominicis of 1970: entry reserved for animals and collects the "animals" of 34 contemporary artists: Gino De Dominicis, Giovanni Albanese, Franco Angeli, Andrea Boldrini, Marco Brandizzi, Maurizio Cannavacciuolo, Giacinto Cerone, Enzo Cucchi, Pietro Fortuna, Giuseppe Gallo, Piero Gilardi, Fathi Hassan, Claud Hesse, Damien Hirst, Teresa Iaria, Jannis Kounellis, Felice Levini, H. H. Lim, Tommaso Lisanti, G&K Lusikova, Coralla Maiuri, Gian Marco Montesano, Francesca Monti, Pino Pascali, Dino Pedriali, Vettor Pisani, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Emilio Prini, Pizzi Cannella, Maurizio Savini, Mario Schifano, Gabriele Simei, Donatella Spaziani, Alessandro Vasari.
The catalogue will feature the text "L’Arca di Pio" (Animalary of love for Art) by Angelo Capasso and a text by Nikla Cingolani "IDILL’IO a beastly gallery" about the gallery Idill’io of Pio Monti in Recanati, right in front of the statue of Giacomo Leopardi, who has the animality in his name.

OPENING February 28, 2017 – 6 pm
Info: / Tel. +39.06.68210744 /
Opening hours: Monday 3 – 8 pm, Tuesday to Saturday noon – 8 pm
Catalogue texts: Angelo Capasso, Nikla Cingolani

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