Claud Hesse lives and works between Italy and Berlin.
After the classical maturity, she enrolled at the University of Biotechnology, where she studied genetics and physics.
She graduated in Painting at Fine Art Academy with top marks to specialize, then, in Visual Arts with 110/110 cum laude and academic kiss.

She is the author of the book “UNO Arte – Musica – Fisica quantistica” (ONE Art – Music – Quantum Physics) | it contains interviews: to the composer-musician Giovanni Allevi (graduated in philosophy with a thesis on “The Emptiness in Contemporary physics”) and with Prof. Danilo Babusci of the INFN National Institute of Nuclear Physics of Frascati | Published by EAI Italian academic editions ISBN 978-620-2-08437-6.

Her fondness for scientific culture, particularly DNA and quantum physics, is latent in her as an artist so that we continually find references to them in her work melded with subtle philosophic concepts and deep inner reflections.

She participates in various exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad, and her works are part of important private and museum collections.

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