Silver, pencil and hand-embroidered thread on canvas, 30x30cm, 2015.

The DNA-PORTRAIT project is the evolution of Claud Hesse works on DNA, created  by her right from the beginning, in which a team of geneticists is collaborating with her artistic research to create real genotype portraits.

The actual DNA extracted from human beings and other living organisms is elevated to an artistic level in DNA-PORTRAIT!

In this kind of “Copernican revolution” of both the image and collective imagination, the usual concept of a portrait is turned upside-down. So far the portraits have focused on the more or less realistic representation of the phenotype as we appear, therefore, in our environment which is inevitably subject to change over time. As the environment alters, there are variations also in the phenotype. However, with the DNA-PORTRAIT, Claud Hesse intention is no longer to represent the phenotype but the genotype, which is the hidden code determining most of the physical and behavioral traits of an individual. Once extracted the DNA is processed and photographed by the team of geneticists in the lab (of course fully respecting individual privacy). It then passes into her hands, or rather, first of all into her mind…  The scientific image is the starting point, therefore, of the creative process of intuitions, suggestions and resonances, which allows Claud Hesse to make a figurative transposition of the pure scientific data, and effectively create an image, an IMMORTAL PORTRAIT in sequences and personalized visual musical rhythms.

The genetic sequence is then placed on the musical staff and each gene is “painted” by hand with the thread becoming both a metaphor for the “Fil Rouge” which unites all of creation and for “taut violin strings” that ring out when the gaze of the viewer rests on them.
Just as an infinite number of symphonies can be created from the seven musical notes and an infinite number of shades from the five primary colors, infinite forms of life can be created by the four nitrogenous bases of DNA.  

The project then consists in creating, starting from the Pio Monti’s DNA-PORTRAIT, realized as a ante-litteram prototype, a sequence of DNA PORTRAITS that would compose a fractal of universal symphony of humanity.

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